I'm Juan!

Welcome to “Conscious Somatic”, a safe place for Eros as a birth right, a place with Integrity, Accountability and Congruence where all your sensations, feelings, edges, shadows, and curiosity for healing and/or exploration are welcomed.

This is a co-created beautiful space with room for growth, transformation and expansion.

This is a free and trustworthy container which allows both Tantric/Taoism wisdom and connection with a somatic approach/awareness where I invite my clients to get curious about their sexuality and to expand their capacity for pleasure.

I am a Professional (but not just clinical) Conscious Sexuality and Counselling Practitioner/Therapist who focuses on the soma, a celebration of pleasure and modelling of non-judgemental curiosity about the experience within the body.

I am offering my experience in creating a safe, loving, confident, patient and compassionate container...

… where I will be fully present and holding space for you allowing trust and connection within your deepest emotions, allowing to explore your own juicy sexuality. 

I create learning experiences that are inclusive, trauma-informed and person-centred to deliver sex education that is sexy, fun, accessible and safe.

My values are sexual alignment and fulfilment; “Slower is better”; “Embrace the clunky-ness” which I learned from my mentors; and also, conscious sexuality with inner work and embodiment practices.

My mission is to support people in exploring their eroticism. And my vision is to create a world of conscious and healthy sex educated human beings, by bringing the awareness of magic and the power of sexual healing and sexual exploration; to create a world where sex is sacred, encouraged, celebrated and cherished; and to build communities where sexuality is not repressed or shamed.

Though I specialised in “Vulva Owners”; singles, couples of all genders, sexual identities and relationship styles are welcomed.


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Embodiment Workshops

Unleash Your Full Potential!!!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional workshops? Welcome to my unique and empowering Embodiment Workshops, where I combine experiential learning, somatic techniques and the methodology of the Institute of Somatic Sexology also known as ESAR (Engage/Study/Activate/Reflect)